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Moganshan is a mountain top tourist region near Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It is a good weekend retreat from Shanghai, as it is only a

It is only a 2.5 hour far from Shanghai. The best time to visit it is in July and August when the weather in the cities and valleys below is much hotter. It is also very nice in the shoulder periods when the cooler weather makes for more pleasant hiking. This contributor has also visited after heavy snowfall in February. The mountain sells half price tickets in the

You can either drive or hike to the summit along the footpaths through the bamboo. In winter it can be lonely and beautiful, well worth the effort.

At the foot of Moganshan was an anonymous green valley now known as naked Stables.

Open since October 2011, the resort has helped local businesses to flourish and has received acclaim amongst international media, putting Moganshan on the map as a must-go destination in China. One of the country’s most popular resorts, naked Stables is synonymous with sustainable luxury and outstanding service.


Top view Infinity pool


Infinity pool

Location: GPS Coordinates: 30.56379,119.867776

The most interesting point of this Hotel is the Ecological construction strategy.

Asian and African elements were fused to bring the magic of African hospitality and intimacy with nature to an Asian setting. All buildings were designed to minimise the environmental impact and blend with the natural surroundings, not just with regards to materials used, but also including orientation of each building. The result is an eclectic and unique mix of buildings in harmony with the natural environment.


Earth Hut

Earth Hut.jpg

Earth Hut inside


Earth Hut inside

Naked Stables is a place to rediscover the pure, playful, and passionate side of your heart, to immerse in nature and nurture friendship, love and the simple pleasures of life and Chinese culture.

Naked leaf spa.jpg


SPA inside.jpg


Hotel website:



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